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Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands.


Does this situation sound at all familiar? You’re a computer hobbyist, power user, or maybe even an IT professional. You have family members that are well aware of your “superior” computer knowledge. So, naturally, when they have computer questions or issues to be resolved, you’re the first to get the call.

Do you see what I see?

A picture is worth a thousand words
(but only if it's got a really good cutline, too!)

Remember that failure is an event, not a person.

—Zig Ziglar


Now take a look at Figure 1-1,  "Bobs Family Administration Office" 


Figure 1-1 Bobs Family Administration Office

Figure 1-1, what can you tell from this picture? What do you notice here? What could you observe as a social engineer? Think of the slight details in this one simple picture:

» You can see the type of work environment.
» You can see the operating system the person uses.
» You can notice what type of ... the person has.
» You can see the person is a fan of a certain ....
» Can you notice the browser they use and mail client, too?
» Do you notice a sign that might indicate some other details about the person?
» What other details can you pick out?

When people (most family members) have computer questions or other issues to be resolved, the first thing they do is they call Bob, because those family members are aware of Bob's skills and knowledge, and they call Bob. Then Bob goes back for a visit.

Bob's aunt (over the 70's) takes care of the financial administration and she takes care of the payroll administration. Bob's aunt also arranges sales tax, inheritance tax, tax returns., income tax, corporation tax return, and compiling Annual Reports and preparing reports and budgets. You can also go to her administration office for advice on companies and starters, tax advice and guidance on divorces. But also when it comes to gift tax, debtor management and liquidity positions.

Bob's aunt is over the 70-s and she is running a local office at home. She is the kind of grandma who uses the name of her pet as password.

20 apr 2006 om 14:55

"Bobs Family Administration Office" has been a household name since 1986 when it comes to taking care of administrative and fiscal work"

Grandma, Bob invites you to open an e-mail account with Google.
Grandma is accepting the invitation. 
Congratulations grandma, your G-mail account is created.

jan 20, 2008 om 18:45


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